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After Israeli withdrawal arrangements

The Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas said he expects a withdrawal for the Isralei occupation forces from Gaza the latest by October 4, while Egypt deployed Egyptian border guards forces on the border crossing between Egypt and Gaza.Darfur

In the press conference he had held in Cairo following his talks with the Egyptian peer Hosni Mubarak, the Palestinian president gave no additional details on the evacuation of the Israeli forces which come in the last phase of the unilateral disengagement plan of the Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon.

After his meeting with Mubarak, Abbas talked about a new phase concentrating on rebuilding Gaza after the Israeli withdrawal. Abbas is also due to meet during his one day visit to Cairo with the secretary general of the Arab league Amr Moussa.

Abbas stressed that the question of the crossing between Egypt and Gaza is basic and decisive issue, and its solution “will decide whether Gaza will become a jail or not.” The Egyptian general intelligence chief lt. Gen. Omar Suleiman will visit the Palestinian territories on August 29th.